6 Steps to Winterizing Your Patio

winter patio plants

Bring some wintry plants onto the patio to spruce things up

Now that the weather is chilly, it’s time to bring the winter fun out onto the patio.  That’s right; just because it’s cold doesn’t mean we have to bring everything inside and hibernate.  Yes, winterizing your patio can take some time, but here are 6 of the things to put on the to-do list in the colder months:

  • Take down your awnings, clean them and store in a dry place
  • Remove patio umbrellas and bring them to the dry cleaners or wash yourself, then store in a dry area
  • Cover or store the grill unless you would like to use it while it’s cold out, and familiarize yourself with the original instructions and warranty when you want to grill outside
  • Prepare a portable fire pit.  Gather logs together and store them in a dry spot until you need to warm up by the fire.  Stock up on supplies to make s’mores, too!
  • Swap screen doors for storm doors and replace the welcome mat with something more durable, adding another mat inside to wipe your wet and snowy shoes
  • Decorate with cold weather-proof pots and window boxes for winter greens, statues and evergreen trees.

As you can see, not every one of these tips are fun, but they’re pretty necessary when it comes to winterizing your patio.  Make it more fun by gathering friends together to help or listening to music while you work.  For more tips, Phase One Landscapes, Inc. is a great resource.  Click the link here to go to the website.

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Keep Maintaining Your Landscape throughout the Winter

December is practically here and in a few short weeks we will officially enter winter. We know you probably want nothing more than to stay inside your home nice and warm, but your landscape will still require upkeep. After all, it is the work you put in now that will produce a gorgeous landscape for you to enjoy in the spring.

Before you wrap up and head out into your yard, know that throughout this month you should…

  • Deep-root water trees when the ground isn’t covered with snow or frozen.
  • Spread mulch on perennial beds, shrubs and trees.
  • Gently remove heavy snowfall from trees and shrubs.
  • Take note of any design changes you want to make.
  • Keep walkways clear of snow and ice.
  • Add winter interest with broadleaf evergreens

Be sure to check back with us for tips and hints on maintaining and designing your landscape as we trek into winter, and remember to give us a call at 303-750-6060 should you need our services!

Indoor Care for Your Outdoor Plants

Now that you’ve brought your outdoor potted plants in to be shielded from the cold weather, have you found yourself at a loss for how to care for them? We understand that you’re only accustomed to watering them when rain is scarce, or moving them to a new location based on their growing needs. Because of this we’d like to share a few tips on how to care for them now that they will be inside for awhile, also so that they don’t endure too much stress from the transition.

  • If you have yet to bring your plants indoors, clean the leaves first and then move them to covered outdoor area for a few days.
  • Bring them inside for a few nights, returning them to the outdoor covered area during the day.
  • Choose a bright and sunny place in your house to keep them.
  • Growth may slow down now that are indoors, so water them less frequently.
  • Occasionally spritz leaves with water.

Taking good care for your outdoor plants while they reside inside for the winter will better ensure that they are in good health for spring. If you have any tips on how you care for your outdoor plants once they are inside, share them in the comments section below.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Phase One Landscapes!

It’s Thanksgiving and the Phase One Landscapes crew would like to take the time to express our thanks to you. We truly appreciate each of you that visit our blog on a weekly basis to find out what’s going on in the landscape design industry, what we’re up to and for inspiring ideas for your landscape. We also appreciate each of you that share our work and information on our services to your friends, family and colleagues that are looking for a Denver landscaper. With that being said we wish you a happy Thanksgiving, we hope you enjoy your time off and we look forward to bringing you more on landscape design after the holiday!

If you plan to do any work in your landscape over the weekend, be sure to check out our latest posts full of fall landscaping tips!

Landscape Designs of Denver’s Most Expensive Homes

Everyone knows that curb appeal is huge part of the aesthetics of your home’s exterior, and the reason being is because it is one of the very first things people notice. Think about it; if you’ve ever driven past a home and immediately fell in love without stepping a foot in the front door or knowing its cost, part of the reason was the design of the home and the other its landscape. If you’d like to fall in love with your every time you pull in and out of your driveway, we suggest you invest in a new landscape design. To help get your creative juices flowing on the possibilities of your landscape’s design, we are going to share a few pictures of the designs from some of Denver’s most expensive homes.

Denver landscape designDenver landscape designDenver landscape designDenver landscape designDenver landscape design

What are your thoughts on the landscape designs of Denver’s most expensive homes? To get the look for your landscape, call Phase One Landscapes at 303-750-6060.

Images: Huff Post Denver Real Estate

Landscape Design Trend: Sunken and Raised Areas

Have you grown tired of the one dimensional look of your landscape’s design? If you are we can help you change it with one of the latest landscape designs trends of raised and sunken areas. The addition of multiple sunken or raised areas to your landscape can add energy and excitement to your garden and flower beds that were once completely level throughout.

When considering the idea, keep these design tips in mind:

  • Make the difference in levels grand and obvious.
  • Make sure the sunken and raised areas are stylish and functional.
  • Use a subtle grade change to create a floating patio.
  • Create the illusion of sunken grass with a border of shrugs that define the space.

To get a better idea of what your landscape could resemble with shrunken and raised areas, take a look at these images we came across…

To begin planning your landscape design with sunken and raised areas be sure to call Phase One Landscapes at 303-750-6060 if you reside in the Denver area.

Remember Denver’s Wood Burning Fire Pit and Chiminea Law

outdoor fireplaceWe know you would love nothing more than to curl up with a blanket and a hot cup of coffee or cocoa in your outdoor living room with the open, wood fire from a fire pit or chiminea warming you? As would we, but outside from decorative purposes their use is outlawed in Denver unless you have a permit. According to the city’s website,

The regulation stems from the years of Denver’s “brown cloud” and the area’s subsequent efforts to maintain clean air standard. If you would like to pursue open burning, you must obtain permits from two different agencies: the Fire Prevention and Investigation Division and the Denver Department of Environmental Health. While they are available, they are rarely issued to individuals and never issued for chimineas.

For more information on Denver’s open fire burning laws visit the City of Denver’s website and give Phase One Landscapes a call at 303-750-6060 to discuss how we can help you redesign your landscape plans.

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